Facilitation can be initiated at different stages of a conflict. The facilitation has as objective to strengthen the positive dynamic within the organization or between organizations. The actors have to find a common ground and understanding to collaborate. Trust and mutual respect are necessary for collaboration.


A latent conflict is typically the result of divergent approaches or styles which are complementary in “normal” times but perceived as contradictory in stressful periods. The actors are not aware of the factors and causes of the differences.




The facilitators of PMR Europe assist groups and individuals:

  • in becoming aware of the disruptive elements in their relation, and of their differences
  • in clarifying expectations, needs and objectives
  • in better communicating
  • in changing perspectives
  • in adapting new behaviors in a constructive and sustainable way in order to put an immediate end to the conflict or recurrent difficulties


The facilitators intervene according to the following method

  • A preliminary meeting with the representative who has decided to call on PMR Europe. It enables PMR Europe to identify the facts, the overall problem as well as to identify the actors involved in the situation
  • Separate meetings with each of the protagonists: to collect individual, collective and contextual information
  • Diagnostic phase: analysis of the difficulties, differences, causes and needs
  • Plenary sessions (if possible) with all the protagonists to share the findings, to enable a constructive dialogue, to look for possible solution approaches, to assist in the implementation of solutions
  • Transfer of skills (if necessary)
  • Assistance in formalizing the reached agreement/ new approach/ code of conduct (if necessary)
  • Follow-up and adjustments (if necessary)




  • Optimal, serene and efficient communication
  • Improved trust and mutual respect
  • Better collaboration
  • Strengthened profitability of the organization (time and money savings)