Negotiation is a term that needs to be understood in a broad sense of the word: it includes each interaction between entities, individuals, groups that have as objective to reach a result, a priori together.


Negotiation is part of our daily lives. Most of the time, we are unaware that we are in a negotiation situation. When the stakes (emotional or financial or political,..) are high, the negotiation should not be initiated, or done in an intuitive way. Intuition can help but is not sufficient. An integrative negotiation has to be prepared, structured, worked through, and adapted according to the context and the people involved. It implies the use of specific tools, techniques, mechanisms and skills.


Expertise in negotiation turns out to be a science and an art. It is a fascinating learning journey! It is our passion.



PMR Europe, either in the background or at the negotiation table, assists its clients in:


  • Clarifying the elements of the context, the framework, the involved parties, the stakes, the objectives, the obstacles, the best alternatives to a negotiated agreement…


  • Structuring the meetings (when, where, who, at which frequency,…) and putting in place a framework (timing, confidentiality, agenda, power…)


  • Acquiring the necessary skills, notably communication skills (listening, questioning, …), emotional management skills, integrative negotiation skills (how to build trust, to identify interests, to generate options, to offer global packages,…), distributive negotiation skills (dance of concessions, bluffing, …)


  • Preparing and debriefing each negotiation session


  • Making use of the best available resources to increase the chances of success


  • Adapting or fine-tuning the negotiation strategy according to the collected information Stimulating creativity


  • Keeping in mind of the objective to be reached and managing the emotional aspects


  • Finalizing the official or informal negotiated agreement in a professional way


  • Putting in place a follow-up to the negotiated agreement if necessary