Behaviours ?

In the behavioral trainings, PMR-Europe integrates the positive and negative elements of (multi-)group functioning, the interaction system, the specific context, the consequences, the individual stakes and the ones of the group, the objectives to reach, the available means and the progressive implementation of selected solutions that are the most likely to meet in a sustainable way the predefined objectives.

Once trained and equipped, the managers will live the change that they want to see to appear. Their power to change and the influence that they will have in their company will also influence the individuals surrounding them.


Who is it for ?

  • Top managers
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Members of the management
  • Project managers


Our goals

  • To consolidate and maximize your knowledge, know-how and self-management skills
  • To increase your level of understanding and mental/emotional flexibility
  • To develop your creativity
  • To adjust your approach to complexity : applying the right behaviors to each situation, based on the specific situational parameters
  • To confirm your ethical standards

our strengths

  • Complexity management
  • Tailor-made : adapted to the structure of your organization
  • Multicultural approach
  • The experience to switch between big picture and detail-oriented thinking, as well as between strategy and implementation
  • Progressive evaluation at every stage – with go/no go decisions
  • Specific vision and results oriented



  • Experience in private (SMEs and big corporates) and public sector organizations; national and international structures
  • Experience as project managers from start to the end (in development, implementation and operations)
  • Experience in small and large teams
  • Interdisciplinary team (law, engineering, business, HR…)
  • Specialized in integrative negotiation, conflict prevention, management and resolution