Training list

Introductory training modules on confict management:

  • Introduction to the different ways to manage conflict
  • The attitude of the mediator
  • Effective communication
  • Exercises on the mediator’s attitude


Introductory training modules on negotiation:

  • Introduction to integrative negotiation and position-based bargaining
  • Exercises on the process of integrative negotiation I and II


Advanced training modules on conflict management:

  • Mental communication preferences
  • NPL tools and communication
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Emotions and emotional management
  • Emotional compentencies
  • Systemic theory and conflict
  • Mindfulness


Advanced training modules on negotiation:

  • The framework and managing the framework
  • Contributions system
  • Fundamental stakes and aspects linked to the ego
  • Creativity and the genesis of quantitative and qualitative options
  • Distributive negotiation and bluffing
  • Integration of distributive negotiation in integrative negotiation
  • Negotiation in team


And many more…


Why developping our skills?

The objective of our trainings is to equip the participants with effective communication skills, emotional management skills (our own emotions and the others’) and integrative negotiation skills (negotiation based on collaboration in order to optimize performance, create resources, exploit differences and manage tensions or conflicts).

These focused skills increase the autonomy of the participant within his/her organization but also in his/her interactions with third parties outside the organization.

individual coaching

A confidential and personalized approach to guide managers one by one, to develop their potential and increase their self confidence in their day-to-day management tasks including delicate situations.

Advantages: entirely personalized content to the needs of the coachee.

Recommended to recently promoted managers lacking some core skills in team management or facing difficulties in the management of their team.

If necessary, this individual coaching can be combined with a group training including the manager’s team.


tailored Collective coaching

Specific group coaching with identification of the group’s and the group members’ needs, strengths and weaknesses. We aim at fulfilling the needs of the group by giving to the team members specific tools in order to foster a collaborative dynamic and to enable them to face specific or recurrent difficulties in their day-to-day work life.


For who?

  • Managers (top and middle management)
  • HR Professionals
  • Team Members facing interpersonal difficulties within a team or interacting with another team
  • Anyone that feels the impact of hidden or open conflicts on the efficiency and well-being at work
  • Anyone who needs help in the scope of a negotiation



  • Preliminary informal assessment in order to identify the needs, strengths and weaknesses of the concerned individuals and to define the target(s) to be reached
  • Observation, in situ (if necessary)
  • Development plan
  • Skill transfer (demo, roleplay, feedback, case analysis, written materials and readings, individual work, preparation of real cases, follow-up)
  • Self-evaluation of and feedback on the actual progress
  • Follow-up or reminder session(s) on demand


our Strengths

  • Focused on the needs of the people and the organization
  • Specific tools and techniques, effective and immediately applicable
  • Work on three parallel dimensions : knowledge, knowhow, and self-knowledge skills
  • The “by analogy approach”: to learn how to apply the skills in various actual working environments
  • Pragmatic approach: to deal with specific issues at hand
  • Self-assessment and feedback evaluation of the actual progress


the pmr-europe CONSULTANTS

  • Expertise in conflict management  and resolution of conflicts through personal experiences of the collaborators as lawyers, consultants, mediators, including multiple years of experience in the private (SMEs and big corporates) and public sectors
  • Excellent pedagogical skills thanks to an extensive experience in training and knowledge transfer for almost 20 years
  • Several relevant experiences in group management