Mediation in family business is an integrative way to solve conflicts combining family and commercial issues. It enables to take care of business’ interests, shareholders’ interests and family relations. Mediation is a very appropriate way to address/tackle affect which is omnipresent in family business.


Mediation in family business can be initiated at every stages of the business or family life.


Mediation is a conflict resolution mode. It’s a confidential process run on a voluntary basis. Individuals decide to hire a neutral, independent and trained third party in order to assist them finding a concrete solution to their conflict through different techniques (notably principled negotiation). Mediation is confidential meaning that the content of the meetings and the documents exchanged at the occasion of the mediation cannot be revealed by anyone to anybody.


which services do we offer?

  • A team of mediators working in three languages : French, English and Dutch
  • A team of mediators with different professional backgrounds and experiences (lawyer, civil or commercial engineers, architects, …)
  • The mediation process can be finalized between 1 and 3 months in average
  • Our fees are hourly-based and usually paid in equal shares by parties except if otherwise agreed
  • The length of sessions vary from 2 to 4 hours depending on the issues
  • Co-mediation (team of two mediators) is proposed when the number of parties, lawyers, experts is high
  • Coaches in mediation and a list of mediation trained experts is available upon request