Social mediation (linked to labor law) covers all individual conflicts for which the Labor Court is competent, apart from mediation of debts.

The common issues in labor law are the following: firing of personnel, changing of roles/functions in an organization, harassment, burn out, salary calculations at the end of a contractual relation, calculation of extra hours, firing for serious misconduct, ect.

Social mediation is recommended when one needs to act fast because the working relationship is in danger (eg, in case of unaccepted change of function, burn out, comeback after a long leave for incapacity).

Social mediation is also recommended when the conflict is anchored and makes the professional life of the parties a misery.

Social mediation considers the emotions often present in such a legal case.

Role of the lawyers in social mediations (labour law)

Labor law is a complex discipline. In order to conclude a satisfying agreement for the employer but also the employee, it is possible to optimize the final package and/or to find innovative solutions while respecting the law. The lawyers specialized in labor law and also good advisors in mediation play the fundamental role. They, led by the mediator, will also write the agreement of the social mediation and will also take the necessary measures to stop the legal procedure in the Labor Court.