Conflict Coaching

It’s not always easy to sit around the table with the other person(s) with whom we perceive a problem, a tension, which is not the same as saying that there is nothing that can be done.

Our coaches accompany you individually to clarify and position yourself differently so that you can manage tensions in a constructive way and begin a new way of relating to the other.

Our coaches also assist any professional who is required to manage conflicts and experiences difficulty in performing this activity.

They can also support a collective or group (an association, a family) in the prevention and management of their tensions and differences.

Case Examples

    As someone involved, you feel stuck in a relational dynamic that does not suit you, caught in tension or conflict, power games, differences of interests or opinions, misunderstandings or disagreements, you face clashes, blockages or misunderstandings, aggression or verbal attacks which are difficult or impossible to bear, situations that affect you, from which you can not get out. Examples include :

    • relational tensions or conflicts between friends, associates, neighbours, in a couple, a family, organisations, business relationships, co-ownership groups
    • relational difficulties where friendship or family is paired with professional ties, as in a family business, friends who work together with different roles and statuses

    As  a third-party professional involved in a conflict, you have difficulty managing certain people, behaviours or conflict situations, your values or beliefs are affected, you feel unresolved fears or past experiences are resurfacing or you are simply a little lost and need to bring clarity,  regain a solid footing and/or be supported in the development of certain skills.

    You are part of a collective or group where tensions poison the environment and make it difficult to know how to live and/or know how to work together.

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