PMR is since 2005 pioneer in Belgium in the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts. PMR benefits on the one hand from more than 30 years of experience through its founders, Coralie Smets-Gary and Martine Becker, as former lawyers (today honorary lawyers), as consultants in prevention and management of conflicts in organizations and as certified mediators in civil, commercial, social and family matters. On the other hand, PMR also benefits from the combined experience of all PMR collaborators.


Touches on the one hand the development of skills through individual or collective tailor-made trainings and on the other hand the development of behaviors through a process of collective and / or individual change management)


Consulting in negotiation through our guidance on specific negotiations, as well as facilitation through intervention of one of our facilitators to disarm recurrent difficulties or a nascent conflict


Our mediators aim to mediate in conflicts in civil, commercial, social or family law through the intervention of one of our certified mediators when it comes to resolving a dispute, in the company, between companies, or between individuals.

Our values

Trust and mutual respect are the foundations for a sustainable working relation   The voluntary dimension is really important to us : the client needs to see the added value in surpassing an uncomfortable situation and needs to participate actively in…

PMR team

PMR Europe’s team offers over 30 years of experience in negotiation, conflict management and resolution as certified civil, commercial, social and family mediatiors, as facilitators,as laywers and honorary lawyers and as business project managers. PMR Europe’s team is multidisciplinary and…

Our clients