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Certified mediation training course (basic course + specialization in civil & commercial mediation) – in French

Enrollment has started. There are still a few seats available!

For more information, please contact:

Coralie Smets-Gary(+32 (0) 476.33.50.84)

Martine Becker(+32 (0) 495.59.40.02)

Pmr Institute

PMR Institute is active in the following fields: research; transmission of knowledge related to integrative and distributive negotiation; civil, commercial and social mediation (through trainings certified by the Federal Commission of Mediation) and conflict management in general.


PMR is since 2005 pioneer in Belgium in the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts. PMR benefits on the one hand from more than 30 years of experience through its founders, Coralie Smets-Gary and Martine Becker, as former lawyers (today honorary lawyers), as consultants in prevention and management of conflicts in organizations and as certified mediators in civil, commercial, social and family matters. On the other hand, PMR also benefits from the combined experience of…

What They say about us

Many thanks for your excellent mediation. My key learning was that mediation can help avoid lengthy legal proceedings and (more than necessary) bad feelings. I will consider including a provision for mediation in future contracts!
Testimonial from a party after a commercial mediation

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